Trucking Dispatch Software – Management TMS

Driver Pay Settlements

TMSCloud creates a virtual dispatch logistics portal, developed to offer more automation, visibility and connectivity so you can have software that works how you’d like it to.

Pay Drivers by the mile, or load percentage. Even add special reates for additioanl stops or lane minuminus. We are integrated with PROMiles api for accurate miles by state. Including direct deposit and fuel card deposit functionality to ensure drivers get paid quicker. It also incorporates withholding tax calculations for the U.S. and Canada, prints 940s, and e-files W2s and 1099s.

Pay Your Drivers Promptly & Accurately

Take the hassle out of your payroll. TMSCloud supports all kinds and combinations of driver settlement models. Powered with advanced technologies, our software offers an easy and automated solution for company driver settlements, owner-operator settlements, and partner carrier settlements. 

Automatic Mileage Calculation

TMSCloud is integrated with PROMiles api for automatic mileage calculations for both empty miles, as well as loaded miles. Powered by PROMiles api. You can pay drivers in any way you wish; pay per mile, percentage of line haul, hourly, per case, per pallet, per hundred weight, or a mixture. We even account for accessorials, stop pay, per diems, fuel pass through, and deadhead pay.

Driver Payroll

Do you have your own drivers? TMSCloud does driver payroll with one click. Just select the date range and we will calculate payroll for each driver you have. Generate settlements for multiple partner carriers with just a few clicks. Driver payroll is the most complex and difficult process to get right because there are so many moving parts.

Finest Remote Working Software

Driver payroll is the most complex and difficult process to get right because there are so many moving parts.

Simplified Load Dispatch Management

The entire dispatch management process is now at your fingertips. TMSCloud allows you to manage and monitor fleet planning, and driver scheduling. Now you can easily optimize the loads between your entire fleet of vehicles and assign dispatches to drivers more efficiently.

FTL & LTL Trip Management

Cut all the manual tasks and create LTL trip dispatches in minutes with ease and efficiency. Trip consolidation also allows you to spot any potential opportunities to reduce costs by combining partial loads to create optimized multi-stop truckloads.

Manage Load Accessorials

TMSCloud allows you to track and manage all the accessorial. Now you can easily track and provide details to the shipper for additional services or expenses and ensure transparency.