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Virtual Coach Tool

Action Voice Prompts to Alert Drivers to Dangerous Behaviors

  • Improve driver behavior with live driver coaching
  • Utilizes visual analytics and built-in G-sensor to detect events
  • Provides driver scorecards at the end of each trip
  • Allow managers to access and review event data from any connected device

Three Easy-To-Use Components


TMSCloud Virtual Coach Camera

is the eyes of system that watches what happens through the windshield.


The TMSCloud Virtual Coach Drive Mobile App

is the brains of the system that translates what was seen.  The app determines when a coachable event occurred,  notifies the driver, and captures the information that is important to you.  


The Coach's Portal

stores the information from the mobile app where it is easily displayed in MyGeotab.  Managers can easily view relevant event information.

TMSCloud Virtual Coach
Designed with fleet safety and budgets in mind

The TMSCloud Virtual Coach installs in less than five minutes,  uses cloud-based servers,  and the driver application is easily installed on any connected device through the Google Play store.  In addition, TMSCloud Virtual Coach is offering you our patented-pending TMSCloud Virtual Coach camera at no charge with a service agreement. 


Reduce Accidents


Reduced Insurance Premiums


Eyes of system that watches what happens through the windshield


Improved CSA Scores


  • Reduce Accidents
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums
  • Improved CSA Scores


  • Tailgating/Forward Collision
  • Harsh/ Aggressive Maneuvers Premiums
  • Posted stop sign violations*
  • Lane Drift
  • Idle Time
  • Posted speed limit violation*
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